Why eVenture zone?

eVenture zone is an encompassing, full service hospitality company that can provide every element of your program, big or small. Accommodations, transportation, staffing, food and beverage, amenities, special events and functions all of these are well within the realm of our capabilities and expertise. The eVenture zone difference is that we don’t stop here. Although these “nuts and bolts” are the necessary components that drive the discerning programs we create they are simply the foundation to us, a wonderful blank canvas. What sets us apart from other hospitality companies is what we do with these components. Our goal is to optimize each possibility and opportunity that will make your program stand out from the crowd - as uniquely branded, enticingly exciting, and customized with your signature on it. We listen, we learn, and we advise, crafting a creative one of kind program you can truly be proud to offer to your guests.

Here are just some of the “ingredients” we have on our company shelves:


  • Qualified, polished company with over 25 years of global experience planning, managing and executing major sponsor, corporate, and affiliated group programs on five continents
  • Innovative in house database for online guest registration and program logistics tracking
  • Specialized contract staff from around the world available for program execution with expertise in critical program components such as food and beverage, housing, and transportation
  • Creative in-house team focusing on distinctive, cutting-edge program elements. No cookie cutter programs allowed!
  • Astute attention to critical time paths, deadlines, and production schedules
  • Extensive financial experience – creating, maintaining and reconciling program budgets
  • Professional program documentation – from guest travel documents and itineraries to staff and operations manuals
  • Exclusive hospitality and entertainment locations and special access
  • Branded, unique guest amenities from clothing and credentials to welcome and farewell custom pieces


  • Exceptional knowledge base garnered from 25 years of “hands on” experience with Paralympic, Olympic, World Cup, and Global event programs
  • Comprehensive core team background includes destination management company ownership and operations, hotel management, sales and marketing, production and logistics planning
  • Accomplished troubleshooting abilities to accurately access potential challenges and proactively create solutions
  • Outstanding reputation among vendors, sponsors, hotels, and destination management companies worldwide
  • Masterful negotiation skills for contracting event components such as hotels, transportation, amenities, and food and beverage
  • Superior in house knowledge and direct experience with airport and hotel operations, food and beverage, transportation, amenities design, financial reconciliation, local staff hiring and training, database and online registration.
  • Sensitivity to all cultural and diversity components inherent in global group programs
  • Strong leadership skills and ability to promote a positive team atmosphere
  • Attention to environment and the incorporation of  “green” technology and program components
  • Commitment to “give back” and offer opportunities for evocative humanitarian program inclusions
  • Ability to weave corporate messaging throughout program elements
  • Proficient in working with people from all walks of life with the capability to craft program components incorporating demographics, culture, and special needs

Let us put our 25 years of wide ranging experience to work for you!

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